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Benji Rogers

Founder & CEO – Pledge Music

Founder & CEO – Pledge Music

Benji Rogers is an independent musician from London, England who has been making his own records since 1999.  He’s lived in New York, Los Angeles and Boston and though always a musician, he has also worked in television and film as a camera operator and audio engineer.  On one stop in his varied career, he even ran a bar in New York.  As a musician, Rogers has been on tour with his band and as a solo artist in both the US and Europe with relatively few breaks since 2001.  Through PledgeMusic, Rogers funded and released his 5th independent record under the name Marwood. A product of a music business family, with his mother, father and stepfather all having variously been managers, label owners, publishers and musicians, he was literally born into it and determined to succeed. Benji Rogers founded PledgeMusic, the global direct-to-fan funding platform for musicians to record and tour in 2009.  PledgeMusic helps artists to engage with their fans, fund their music, keep their rights and raise money for charity. He doesn't get out much these days and has grown a beard.