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Hisham Dahud

Director, Digital Strategy - Fame House

Director, Digital Strategy - Fame House

Hisham Dahud is a music industry professional at the epicenter of digital strategy, music technology, and musicianship – carrying a uniquely wide perspective of today’s music business. By day - although by no means a "day job" in the traditional sense - he is the Digital Strategy Director of Fame House, having helped launch the company in 2011 with CEO Michael Fiebach. Since inception, Fame House has been trusted to manage the online worlds of Shady Records, DJ Shadow, Pretty Lights, Richie Hawtin, Amanda Palmer and many more with offices in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles. By night - practically every night - he hits the studio to embrace a lifelong love of music via his instrument of choice: the drum set. Coming from a session background by playing for a multitude of projects over the years, Hisham now channels his creative energy on his own live band. This "startup" group consist of musical collaborators from several genres including reggae, hip-hop, dubstep and rock - all of whom come together to form a truly unique experience of sound. Hisham's outlook on the future of the music industry is highly optimistic, as the balance of power continues to shift more in the hands of content creators. By positioning himself at the bleeding edge of digital innovation with Fame House, and standing on the front lines as a dedicated musician himself, Hisham's mission is to continually represent both sides of the evolving music industry uniquely and authentically.