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Jason Kramer

Music Supervisor - Elias Arts LLC; Host - KCRW; Guild of Music Supervisors

Music Supervisor - Elias Arts LLC
Host - KCRW
Guild of Music Supervisors

Jason Kramer is currently the concept music supervisor for Elias Arts, a prestigious music production company based in Santa Monica and New York. Elias Arts specializes in original music composition, sound design, music supervision, and audio branding for television, film, and commercials, and has won countless awards for over the years. Jason’s extensive knowledge of music coupled with a great intuition makes him an integral part of the Elias Team. His job is to help find the perfect music solution for every project. Jason also curates an interview/ recording session with artists that have visited the Elias Arts Santa Monica studio. Starting off in the 90’s Jason was working with Skunk Records, the label known for the band Sublime, Jason has been in all avenues of music business from radio to publishing. He also wanted to get familiar in radio so he answered phones at KLOS radio which lead him years later  to producing syndicated radio shows for Fox Sports. He was also one of the original music supervisors for Fox Sports TV in the 90’s. Besides music supervision, Jason has been on air at KCRW radio in Los Angeles for the last 15 years. Jason started off as a KCRW volunteer in the mid 90's and has been on air since 1997 during late night shifts. Today, Jason takes the reins of his radio program every Sunday night giving you the listener a very special unique musical adventure on his widely popular show.