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Maureen Crowe

President & Co-Founder - Guild of Music Supervisors

President & Co-Founder - Guild of Music Supervisors

Maureen Crowe is one of the most powerful voices in music supervision. As President and Co-Founder of the Guild of Music Supervisors, she has completely changed the landscape of the industry, making incredible strides for the rights and recognition of her peers. She is one of the most highly sought after independent music supervisors thanks to her exceptional musical casting, original song creation, on camera performance, and marketing genius. Crowe’s passion began when she got her initial break delivering original music for the television series Fame. She immediately understood the deep cultural impact of music supervision and soon began working on films, heading some of the most groundbreaking achievements in the field including the Grammy award winning soundtrack and chart topping single “I Will Always Love You” from The Bodyguard, the platinum selling soundtrack for the cult classic Wayne’s World, and the multi-platinum Grammy and Oscar winning film Chicago. Not long after she began making waves as a music supervisor, she was tapped as Vice President of soundtracks at Arista and Columbia Records. She has had the privilege of working for Warner Brothers Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema, Miramax, MGM, Disney Cable/ABC Family, Sony/BMG, Interscope, and many more. Most recently she was handpicked to supervise the highly revered musical masterpiece A Late Quartet. She continues to thrive in her career, ever championing the true art of music supervision. In 2008, Maureen Crowe co-founded the Guild of Music Supervisors (GMS), the first and only organized advocate for professional music supervision. Having recognized the need for a mutual resource, she established the GMS to act as a collective voice, foster peer relationships, promote high standards and educate the next generation. In just a few short years the GMS has had an astounding impact, bringing invaluable awareness to the industry and appealing for Grammy, Television and Academy Award voting rights and universal healthcare among other endeavors. They have been featured in top publications including The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Billboard, and the annual sold out awards ceremony highlights the incredible achievements in music supervision. Above all, Maureen Crowe is a true leader and pioneer, preserving the integrity of music supervision and continually challenging the industry to evolve and inspire.