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Nathan Johnson

Composer – Film: Don Jon, Looper, Brick, The Brothers Bloom

Composer – Film: Don Jon, Looper, Brick, The Brothers Bloom 

As a composer, producer, art director, and songwriter, Nathan Johnson's innovative film scores and hybrid media performances have consistently blurred the lines between stage, screen, music, and narrative. Best known for his unconventional work in film and music, Nathan favors modified, organic instrumentation combined with unique approaches to recording and performing. Beginning with the critically acclaimed score for his first film, Brick, Nathan made a practice of combining unconventional sources such as filing cabinets, cheese graters, and radiators with tacked pianos and tuned wine glasses. A similarly unique approach has underpinned all of Nathan's work, from the back-porch sounds of The Brothers Bloom to the industrial detritus of Looper, which was achieved by gathering field recordings of industrial fans and tuned treadmills to create a playable, hybrid found-sound orchestra. Most recently, Nathan developed an intricate collaboration with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to create the music for Don Jon, working with a team of collaborators to create a synth pop score that slowly dissolves into traditional orchestrations before finally settling in the realm of solo electric guitar. Nathan continues to compose and produce while fronting The Cinematic Underground, a sprawling artistic collective known for mixing visual art with performance and found-sounds. He is part of the atmospheric pop band Faux Fix, and has produced a variety of independent artists while acting as a concert developer and live show consultant for a number of bands. When he is not creating music, he works as an art director with The Made Shop, a boutique design firm that specializes in graphic and architectural projects. He lives in Los Angeles. 

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